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Photo by: Destiny Roberts

Photo by: Destiny Roberts


Purposeful, true and captivating are the three most accurate words that describe Nsikak; and being a first generation American with a Nigerian background has given him a viewpoint of the world that most American kids never see. The 26-year-old producer, artist and visionary is on an eternal quest to becoming a better man while leading his generation by example.

Photo by : Alexis J - IG: BecomingPhotography

Photo by : Alexis J - IG: BecomingPhotography

Destiny Roberts

Destiny Roberts, St. Paul, MN native, brings a familiar and delightful feeling through her art; reminiscent of an old school hip hop and neo soul era, with a strong dose of something well ahead of her time. She creates with a purpose; art that uplifts and empowers young women, as she serves as a leading example of what it means to have wisdom, self worth and purpose.

Photo by: Thoko - IG: ThokoNamuya

Photo by: Thoko - IG: ThokoNamuya


Radio Ahlee grew up in South Minneapolis. His sound and aesthetic derive from a variety of legends including Afrika Bambaataa, Outkast, The Fugees, A Tribe Called Quest, Black Eyed Peas, Slick Rick and Busta Rhymes to name a few. The evidence is seen full circle in his live performances as he combines dance and emphatic expression in a way that has to be experienced for yourself.



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Destiny Roberts (pictured above) is a St. Paul MC who also uses her sing-rap style and platform to shine a light on not only black power, but female empowerment too.


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Much internet vitriol has been hurled at 2016’s way, but Destiny Roberts has a different lens on things. For the St. Paul rapper, this year has been an incredibly productive experience. Part of that experiences comes from Roberts’ Zen perspective, something she showcases alongside fellow 3ME representative Nsikak.


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On “Glow,” where she also sings the hook, Roberts portrays a cool black proudness. She celebrates her melanin, calling it “lit,” but in a way that is self-sure, not defensive. The record’s percussion is informed by bone-shaking bass and active, roving high-hats and snares, but it's not dissonant. Roberts spits over melody-rich beats conducive to her self-provided R&B hooks.